Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Extract from “Spiritual and Religious” by Tom Wright

"Wherever Jesus went, people who had been pushed to the margins of society suddenly found themselves invited to a party.

Jesus regularly celebrated the arrival of the kingdom of God, and there were no bouncers in the door keeping out the undesirables.

Indeed, he seems to have gone out of his way to make them welcome, explaining his action in terms of a doctor visiting the sick rather than the healthy.

In doing so he was challenging the taboos of his society, according to which Israel was called to purity, and as a result of which many people found themselves permanently ostracized.

And he was issuing this challenge in the name of God of Israel whose kingdom he was announcing and claiming to inaugurate.

 Somehow, he clearly envisaged his task as being to bring social, as well as physical and spiritual, healing to the people of Israel, and indeed beyond that to the world, and to do so if need be at considerable cost to himself. What could have been in his mind?"

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