Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Coming out (again)

Sometimes a closet can be nice and neat.
So I came out again today. For the nth time. This time, a first for me though, in my conservative church, with a friend from my DG (Discipleship Group) aka cell group, aka care group.

Having honed the skill of coming out discreetly for a number of years now, I did so rather subtly.

We were talking about a couple in our DG having given birth prematurely, and how my friend went to visit them the day before.

I commented that I'd rather not have children at all, for various reasons.

She commented that she too had been thinking, if she were to have a kid, what would she say to them if she found out they were gay? How to parent them in the most Christ-like way?

She continued with some other questions I forgot, for I was battling in my mind what I should do. But in the months that I've known her, she seemed like a rather nice and decent person, so I said,

"Well, you know, you can ask me."

And she went, "Oh."

And then, "Oh?"

And "Oh!"

Haha, the most epic reaction ever.

Well, I texted her after church to keep it quiet cos I'll come out in time to the others in the DG when I was ready. And she was so sweet, she texted me,

"Okay sure, if there is any way we can pray with you or support you please let us know and thank you for sharing something so personal."

I feel so loved and cared for. Just a simple message and a gentle reaction to a rather sensitive topic.

Thank you Lord for friends like her.

We shall see where this goes from here.

That's all for today folks!

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