Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy Feet and Otherness

Wrote the following post on the plane and reproduced it here...

It's 6.45am, Tokyo time and I just finished watching the movie Happy Feet. If you're not acquainted with it, it is a tale about Otherness.

Mambo is a young penguin who is skilled at tap-dancing. Unfortunately, in a group of penguins that value singing much more than dancing, he is seen as an aberration. A weirdo. A freak. Sound familiar?

He is one tone-deaf penguin. In this penguin world, all the penguins are required to find their inner love song to woo their partner. And he just turns everyone off with his horrible screeching.

Even a maestro his parents sent him to couldn't help him.

Charmed as they are by his dancing, his peers still find him strange, isolate him and eventually force him to leave the colony.

He left and found a group of a different species of penguins that are amazed and value his dancing.

As the movie progressed, I began to identify more and more with Mambo.

This theme of Otherness is so vivd.

To be asked to change when you are perfectly fine.

To be seen as a freak.

To find one's own kind.

To speak, not with one's voice, but living your life authentically, utilising the gifts God's bestowed you with.

To change the world, one small step at a time.

I'm inspired!

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