Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 GCN Conference Day 4

The last day started with a beautiful liturgical service. There were robed pastors/priests, call-and-response type prayers and lovely hymns.

We had communion and that was awesome. I was wondering how long it would take to serve 1,500 people but the organisers were really smart and had many stations one could take communion at.

I was taken a bit off-guard at the sign of peace. Never had that in my church but it was nice to hug people and wish them well.

What I was most impressed about was the fact that they had both wine and grape juice, regular bread and gluten free, and even a roving station for those with mobility issues. Very well-thought out and inclusive.

Then Rev. Eric Mason gave a short message followed by a benediction. Finally Justin Lee spoke about intersectionality. Both of which I'll elaborate in a later post.

And then it was over. At the end they announced that it'll be at Pittsburgh next year. I wonder if I'll be there...

It was a wonderful experience throughout and I'll be blogging my reflections in greater detail after I get back to Singapore, so watch this space!

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