Saturday, 9 January 2016

2016 GCN Conference Day 3

The morning started with a keynote by Allyson Robinson and it was lovely.

Then I had lunch and hurried back to rest for a bit before attending the workshops.

Workshop C for me was by Eve Tushnet on "Side B: Changing our Church Communities" and it was really helpful. Got to talk to Misty Irons one-on-one and that was great. Am gonna check out her blog real soon.

Workshop D for me was "Advocating without Debating" and was really useful and full of practical advice of which I'll blog about sometime later together with all my other reflections on this conference at a later date. I got a dad hug from presenter Robert Cottrell and it felt lovely.

The person sitting beside me was one friendly Californian who invited me to dinner which I gladly accepted. Had some awesome fried chicken before coming back for testimony time.

Teared more than once hearing all the stories. Especially the girl with the pink hair - "You've given me so much hope" she said before breaking down and having moms surround her with hugs. I had to keep myself from bawling too.

Now I'm back in my room typing this out and looking forward to the last day tomorrow.


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