Thursday, 7 January 2016

2016 GCN Conference Day 1

Being at the GCN Conference has been a blast. It is so incredibly well-organised and all the volunteers are so enthusiastic, it's unreal.

So far I've been to the Women's Retreat doing some amazing art therapy (employing the themes of loss and of hope) with Emmy Kegler and General Session 1 where Broderick Greer killed it with the opening message.

Absolutely LOVED the Acts 8 / Isaiah 56 Bible study that he did.

But what I treasured most of all were the getting-to-know-you sessions that were interspersed throughout the session. First at my table at the women's group, then at the first-timers' meeting, and then again at Table 23 out of a hundred over tables at the gigantic ballroom at the Hilton Americas Houston hotel we were in.

Also happy to connect with my Twitter friend Kevin Garcia and glad to meet Deborah Jian Lee.

Also loved the mint chocolates, a little but lovely touch to end the night with. :)

I can't wait to experience the rest of the conference!

See y'all!

P.S. Apologies for the brevity and incoherence. I'll consolidate and post an update when possible.

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