Thursday, 31 December 2015

Reflections on Ip Man 3

What a great movie to end the year with. I forgot how much I liked the character Ip Man until I watched the third instalment today.

So understated, so humble, so devoted to his wife. All qualities I’d like to emulate.

I cried at the scene where his wife told him that she missed listening to him practice on the wooden man. This was after he told her that his only regret was not being a better husband to her after she declared that she’d been very happy with him for spending so much time with her (since she contracted cancer and was given very little time to live). The martial arts master even took up dancing to accompany his wife and skipped an important duel.

And even after winning a particularly gruelling fight, he counselled his opponent, “What ultimately matters are our loved ones (and not winning fights).”

After watching the show, I felt like I had to do what he espoused. To spend time loving my friends and family. After all, that’s all that matters.

Made me quite reflective after watching it. I pondered upon what’d gone on this year…

Walking out of a service, having not one, but two crises of faith, hearing my friend A. say that she loved me made for quite an interesting year. Not forgetting the rather intense crush I had, of which I am still dealing with its lingering effects…

Well, I look forward to 2016, to a year of more adventures with God and his creation.

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