Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Compelling Love & Sexual Identity - A Film

While looking through the blog of an acquaintance I met at the Exodus Conference 2013, I chanced across a link to this film - Compelling Love & Sexual Identity (the film is linked down below).

The directors pose a question at the beginning of the film (and I paraphrase): "If there was a person whose beliefs are different from you sitting across a table, how would you connect with that person?" And they proceed to interview different ones to see how they would answer that question.

It's a great film where they go across the United States of America interviewing people across the LGBT spectrum and their friends and families for us to gain an insight on how truly diverse LGBT people are. It allows us a peek into their lives and helps us understand their motivations, their hopes, and their fears. I would recommend it to people who might not have any interaction with LGBT people.

The only gripe I have is how slow-paced this film was. Perhaps it was because I'd just watched "The Avengers - The Age of Ultron" yesterday, or perhaps it's because the GCN film on gay Christians moved along rather briskly. But I finished the film nonetheless. The highlight for me was the interviews of Dr Trista Carr and Julie Rodgers, both of whom I met/encountered at the Exodus conference 2 years back and have been following on cyberspace on a sporadic basis. They come in about two-thirds into the film and offer great insights on the intersection of Christian faith and sexuality.

Well, I thought I'd just blog about this great resource in the event that anyone would like to use it. The website offers PDF downloads of discussion topics for a small group and even a reflection guide for the individual. Very comprehensive indeed. You can even buy the DVD if you're interested.

So go ahead and do cell group different for a change today. :)

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