Friday, 24 April 2015

Through My Eyes - A Film

On my tumblr today, I chanced across Justin Lee's film titled "Through My Eyes". It's a 47 minute film he did by interviewing young gay Christians across America and Canada on what their experience with the church has been like.

It's a sobering film. Pretty sad but I guess it's a true reflection of what life's like for someone who grew up in church who finds out they're gay.

I must say that one takeaway from this film has been that I've been truly blessed by God. I'm not boasting or anything, but in "conservative Asia", my coming out to my friends, Christian or otherwise, has been generally a pretty positive experience. And when I needed support, my closest friends were always there to hear me rant. For that, I am thankful.

I would say that this is a film that all Christians should watch, gay or straight. Especially the latter. Well, I don't know how posting it here would help, but I'm posting it anyway.


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