Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A parallel

I just got a MacBook Air and it's brilliant. It's been my dream laptop since 5 years ago, and today I've finally bought my very own. :D

I suppose the only downside in this amazing buy is the fact that I have to hide the fact that I've bought it. I'm now in my room, which I've securely locked, and am using this in stealth. The reason for it? I fear the reaction it would result from my family.

"Why waste money on a new laptop?"

"Don't you want to save up for a holiday instead?"

"What's wrong with this laptop?"

And these are probably some of the things my sister, dad and mom would say.

It did dawn upon me rather quickly that it's kinda like coming out. It would make things so much easier if I didn't have to hide it so much, but I just can't handle it right now.

Perhaps one day I will. Just not today.

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