Friday, 6 March 2015


Last night I had steamboat at my cell leader's place with a couple of cell members. It was a nice cozy little affair and I was surprised it was much more comfortable than I thought it would be. Except for one little bit. The food was good and as we tucked into the feast, the topic naturally turned to marriage and babies, housing and renovations as two of them were getting married and another about to give birth. I was strangely silent throughout as they yammered on. Well, what could I say when I wasn't even sure whether my next relationship would be with a guy or a girl? What could I say indeed? So I just kept quiet and listened to them; it was interesting fodder for conversation one must admit. Later on, the half-in, half-out of the closet me kept my mouth shut when someone said he didn't have a girlfriend for as long as he lived, when what I wanted to say was, "Hey, even I had one, and you haven't?" I suppose that would be rather rude and this wise crack is probably not so wise after all, so it was good that I kept quiet. Ah well. I've been recently challenged by my good friend if I'm actually bi. I have thought about it and identify as "gay with bisexual tendencies" if that makes sense. Well, it's probably bi to the layman to simplify things. In other news, I've recently tried out a dating app on my phone and it's pretty cool though I've not gone out with anyone yet. Well, more about it another day. Ciao.

Where I belong

At my first church, I felt like I was part of a family. Until it wasn't. A guest pastor had come from New York and made a homophobic...