Friday, 20 March 2015

On Wesley Hill's Travelogue to Oz

If you know me well (most people don't), they'll probably know that I'm a Wesley Hill fan. I can't quite remember when I first came across his work, probably twitter or something, but once I read Washed and Waiting, I was hooked.

So it was no surprise to find myself agreeing wholeheartedly to a short post he wrote on his trip to Australia. He spoke on matters gay and Christian, which is probably no surprise if you are familiar with him. However, unlike most out there, he is an advocate for deep spiritual friendship for gay Christians who are wanting to stay celibate. This is quite different from those who push for same-sex marriage or relationships.

In any case, after reading the post, I immediately forwarded it to two close friends I have who are in a Whatsapp chat group we share. The gay Christian friend reflected that it was beautiful to have that kind of commitment from a friend.

The commitment, namely, is one of a friend, or a couple, who walks alongside the gay Christian in his or her journey in life, and makes him or her a part of their family. That's how Wesley Hill envisions how loneliness could be overcome by the gay Christian. It a very insightful article and you should go read it too. 

Because of all these, I can't wait for his new book to come out where he expounds more on the topic!

Here's a video of his talk:

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