Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"I love you."

"I love you."

These were words spoken to me not by my lover (I have none currently), but by two close friends, at two separate places and times sometime last year.

As I recalled them last night on my bed, I started to weep.

"What love is this?" sings Kari Jobe.

What love is this really? The fact that someone outside my family would love me, could love me, was so healing. It took away the dull ache from my heart that was left there by trying to let go of my one-time crush.

It was unconditional, pure, sweet love that these friends offered.

And for their love, I am grateful.

It's difficult to explain why I felt so much. Perhaps it's because "Words of Affirmation" is my topmost love language.

I then pondered on the love of God, but was unable to. But something struck me as I lay there on my bed. It was the Bible verse - "I love because you first loved me."

It was the same with these friends. My love for them multiplied last night as I recalled how they quietly declared their love for me.

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