Monday, 9 March 2015

Disputed Mutability

So the large part of tonight has gone to reading posts on the Disputed Mutability blog. This is a blog devoted to ex-gay issues, thoughts, analysis and insights. I must say that the author has put a lot of thought into the posts and the fact that she even edits them before putting them up says a lot about her.

I love the posts because they articulate so much about what I feel about reparative therapy among other things. I also found the posts on "Why I Forsook my Gay Identity" particularly insightful.

What I loved most about the blog is that the author didn't seek to be straight. She simply realised that gay sex was not in line with what God wanted and backed away from it. Because Jesus was the better option.


It is a pity that the author has stopped posting since 2010, probably due to a busy schedule (the last couple of posts were spaced out due to the author being pregnant and subsequently being mother to a newborn).

It's strange how into the blog I was, reading almost all the posts she had put up from 2010, slowly going backward chronologically until the first post in February 2006. But I suppose it's how I am wired, trying to integrate my faith and sexuality by the only means I know how - reading. It's kinda amazing and disturbing how many books I've read about the subject and how many blogs I've trawled. I suppose this won't stop anytime soon, and having a "community" of fellow sojourners makes this an easier journey.

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