Vicky Beeching at the GCN Conference 2015

I recently wondered if I should blog about my experience at my first (and last) Exodus International conference that took place around a year and a half ago in 2013. Then as I was checking my twitter feed 3 days ago, I chanced on the recommendation of a friend (one that I made in the Exodus conference) to watch a keynote address at the GCN Conference that took place around a week ago.

Intrigued, I did. That's when I discovered Vicky Beeching. Her story is incredible and you can catch it here or in the embedded video at the end of this blog post.

She began with a quote by Katherine Center, "We need to be brave with our stories so that others can be brave with theirs." I was hooked. I spent the next hour listening to her speak on her life followed by her sharing a bit on theology and I was transfixed throughout.

As much as she was hilarious and very articulate, she told a most heartbreaking story. I'll not spoil it for you, go watch the video yourself. But in short, it was a testimony of how she grew up as a Christian, and subsequently embarking on a successful CCM career, and because of that, hid her sexuality and suffered. The story has a happy ending though.

Now why was I so fascinated by her testimony? Perhaps it's because it's so relatable. Even though I'm out to most of my cell group and closer friends, sometimes I feel like I'm hiding a part of me from my family and others.

I cannot begin to imagine her life as a public figure, coming out to the entire world. Whoa. That must be overwhelming. Yet, I realise the importance of doing so. As she shared her story in Portland last week, there have been more than 15,000 views in 8 days and I'm sure many, like myself, have been encouraged. And as I share my story here on this little blog, I hope I am making a difference in some reader's life out there.

Last night, as I was reading the Bible, I had a revelation. The passage I read was in Matthew 8:1-17. It was where Jesus healed the sick and delivered the demon possessed. God told me that I had been fearfully and wonderfully made, just like Vicky. We are not sick, we are not demon possessed. We are however, fearfully and wonderfully made.


I had to just meditate on that a bit to let that sink in.

So there, that's all I have to say today. This blog post does not even begin to do justice to the brilliant address that Vicky made at the GCN conference. When you have an hour to spare, do watch the video.

Thank you for sharing your story Vicky, you've inspired me to continue sharing mine. :)

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