Friday, 2 January 2015

The importance of a group

I came back from cell group a couple of hours ago and felt like going for it was the best decision I've made all week. Hearing testimonies of how God worked in my friends' lives, having other people pray earnestly for you, and just hanging out, chatting with people just does wonders to the soul.

And it brought me back to how grateful I am for having found a different sort of group roughly around 3 years ago. 

I got to know about Church of our Saviour's support group for those dealing with LGBT issues through trusty Google. Also, at that time I'd just gone through a Sy Rogers DVD where he encourages anyone in need to find a counsellor or a support group. So that's how I found Choices. 

Some folks I met at FCC thought it's a place where they try to make you straight. I clarified that that's not its aim. In fact, my participation with Choices has been a great help to me, especially in the chaotic time I was in back then. 

It's a place where you can have an honest, heart to heart sharing about the deepest issues that you might not otherwise share with your cell group members or even your closest friend or your dearest siblings. It's a place where, week after week, you get to thrash out the same issues, talk about your crushes, laugh about the misunderstandings, cry about the hurt inflicted by others and so much more. 

It was a place of refuge. My place of refuge. 

And this year, I'd like to provide a similar platform here on this blog. I hope that through my sharing, others might find the courage to share their stories as well. Or if you'd rather your comment not be seen by the entire world, feel free to drop me an email at and we can chat there. Or I could just listen. 

What's most comforting when I read Matthew 1 last night was this: God is Immanuel, He is with us. And then there are people whom God created, "God with skin on" as someone once said, that can be with you today. So here is me reaching out to you today: You're not alone. 

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