Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Imitation Game

I watched "The Imitation Game" last night after being influenced by The Straits Times to do so, what with them doing a 2 page special on it and with Benedict Cumberbatch covering the front page of Life!

It was a BRILLIANT show. 

Everyone should go watch that movie. Unless you are under 16 in Singapore. They rated it NC-16, and I was initially slightly wary (too much sex and gore just scares me), but I realised it was because it dealt extensively on the topic of homosexuality.

I was rather surprised how much the movie focused on him being gay. After commenting to a friend, she pointed out that it was quite crucial because of how the film ended. I shall not post spoilers here.

After watching the movie, I realise how tremendously blessed we are to be living in this country in this day and age. Even though 377A has not yet been repealed, people are not thrown into jail for being a homosexual. Or killed even. I feel so grateful really.

In Uganda and Russia, the situation is quite different. We need to count our blessings as they come and pray for those persecuted in those countries. Violence is never the solution.

I guess I have to end on this rather sombre note. Till next time.

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