Came away very inspired after service with Pastor Tan today. The title of his message was "The Chief Cornerstone". 

An interesting point to note was how people (including myself) often mistake cornerstone to mean "a stone at the corner of a building" which is a forgivable mistake. The Hebrew word for cornerstone is actually "pinnah" from which we get the word "pinnacle". And that stone was the stone right at the centre of an arch of a building. It holds the entire structure together, without it, everything falls apart. With it, it can sustain the weight of a bridge and more. 

Similarly, Jesus holds our entire life together. Without Him at the centre of our lives, everything would fall apart. With Him, we can withstand the pressures of the world and still hold it together. 

As such, Pastor Tan exhorted us to make Jesus the front and centre of our lives. 

A fitting start to the new year. I'm blessed. :)

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