Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Another interesting blog post

Somehow I chanced upon this blog post one day and I'm pretty amazed at how this guy, Josh, is gay and yet married to a woman. Now, before you dismiss him as an ex-gay advocate for the now defunct Exodus, I must request that you read his entire blog post, which is nothing short of a miracle. It generated 4,248 comments so it probably must have gone viral. Even though it's almost 3 years old, the content is still as fresh as ever.

Now if you've not got the time to read it, a highlight was him answering the question that many have posed before, and I'll quote directly:

The truth is, what people are really asking with the above question is “how can you be gay if your primary sex partner is a girl?” I knew that I was gay, and I also knew that sex with my wife was enjoyable. But I didn’t understand how that was happening. Here is the basic reality that I actually think many people could use a lesson in: sex is about more than just visual attraction and lust and it is about more than just passion and infatuation. I won’t get into the boring details of the research here, but basically when sex is done right, at its deepest level it is about intimacy. It is about one human being connecting with another human being they love. It is a beautiful physical manifestation of two people being connected in a truly vulnerable, intimate manner because they love each other profoundly. It is bodies connecting and souls connecting. It is beautiful and rich and fulfilling and spiritual and amazing. Many people never get to this point in their sex lives because it requires incredible communication, trust, vulnerability, and connection. And Lolly and I have had that from day one, mostly because we weren’t distracted by the powerful chemicals of infatuation and obsession that usually bring a couple together (which dwindle dramatically after the first few years of marriage anyway). So, in a weird way, the circumstances of our marriage allowed us to build a sexual relationship that is based on everything partners should want in their sex-life: intimacy, communication, genuine love and affection. This has resulted in us having a better sex life than most people I personally know. Most of whom are straight. Go fig.

Very interesting.

Now, I must say that I'm not trying to say that this is for everyone. But after the incessant drumming of the progressives who advocate same-sex marriage these days, it is quite a relief to hear what Josh has to say.

Well, I'm not ruling anything out for me. All I can say is, with all the powerful attractions to girls I have experienced in the last 4 years, with as many major crushes, it would be a complete miracle for me to get married to a man.

Then again, God specializes in miracles.

Haha, it may seem like I have great faith, but I'm really just taking it one step at a time, one day at a time. We'll see how this goes.

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