Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hello there. I'm Rachel and I'm a Christian living on the sunny island also known as Singapore, and guess what? I'm gay too.

I started this blog because I couldn't find anything like this out there and I know that there are others like me. If we conjecture that if a tiny 1% of the population's gay, that makes 50,000 gay folks out there. And if 20% are Christian, that makes 10,000 of us. So, know that you are not alone. 

Next, I hope that this platform would serve as an educational tool to all. Christians and non-Christians, gay and straight, male and female, young and old. Because there are some who aren't able to believe or even begin to comprehend how one can be gay and Christian at the same time. Haha. Sad but true. More on that in later posts. 

In addition, I believe that this place will also act as a journal that will chronicle my journey of how I try to reconcile the dichotomy of being a gay Christian. It's kinda like fried ice-cream. Sounds impossible to execute but is heavenly bliss. Haha. Of course, I exaggerate. Sometimes it is anything but heavenly bliss to be in my shoes. But God is good and He sustains me. I'll be sharing how I endeavored, and am still endeavoring to be in the perfect will of God. 

Well, I've decided to start this blog on Resurrection Sunday just because of how symbolic it is. Jesus died and was buried for three days before coming out of that cave. Alive. People couldn't believe it. Sometimes in this journey of mine, I feel like I've died and been buried. And so this blog marks a beginning where I come out, alive and kicking.

I'll post every Sunday unless I'm unable to, then I'm unable to. Haha. Whatever that means. Anyway, I'm keeping this lighthearted and irreverent so try to get used to my sense of humour. ;)

If you're viewing this on a non-mobile platform, good for you! I've set up a "Good Reads" blogroll of a list of helpful links of Christians, some of whom also happened to be gay. They were really helpful in helping me discover myself and I'd encourage you to go check out those links. My favorites are as follows, in alphabetical order: Alan Chambers, Justin Lee, and Wesley Hill. I've been in touch with all 3 on twitter and they are all incredibly gracious gentlemen who don't mind answering the many curious questions of a geeky Singaporean girl who's slowly finding her place in life. 

Hmm. Looks like more female representation is in order isn't it. Haha. Well, I'm female, and I hope to bring a different perspective and new insights to the gay Christian scene here in this little red dot. 

Well that's all for today folks. Cya next Sunday!

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